“Gothamista” stems from what inspires me. Everything is influenced by my life in Gotham city, which is busy, exciting, stressful, raw, liberating, and I love every New York minute of it! Ain’t got no time for anything that is complicated, dull or inefficient! That means when I actually make time, it’s for things that make me be and feel better. Over the years, I have learned that rituals of self-care are not only important, but have become a necessity to maintain balance and sanity with city life.

I have been in the beauty and lifestyle space as a buyer, and also in product development, for over a decade. I love curating, and I think of myself as a “Professional Treasure Hunter”. Finding gems in spaces full of repetitiveness is a passion of mine as well as understanding the needs of others; searching for and introducing products that everyone will love.

In this sacred realm of beauty, I have always been more obsessed with skincare than with makeup. My own experience with problematic skin – starting from my teens – has shown me that when the fundamentals are not there, nothing can cover it up, and any efforts in doing so, would only make the very thing you’re trying to conceal, more obvious. 

In my career and through my own exploration, I have tried many brands and products. I have also been fortunate enough to work with chemists, thereby learning about beauty products and cosmetics from the scientific perspective of formulations, and not just hyped up marketing drivel.

So, welcome to my space – where I will be sharing my personal thoughts, findings, favorites as well as experience with the many wondrous (and meh) products out there. I hope you will find this journey as enjoyable as I do! And in the meantime, I’m wishing you great skin health!

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Skin Type : Normal – Dehydrated. Tendency towards dryness in the Fall/Winter.
Concerns : Anti-Aging, Hyperpigmentation, Dullness.